4 Ways to add Value to your Poultry Eggs for more Profit

There are so many ways to make extra money on every poultry egg you sell considering how market prices for eggs fluctuates (goes up and down) depending on your country’s economy and how other poultry farmers feel like selling their eggs.

After series of research I have discovered that one of the major reasons why poultry farmers hardly make profits from their poultry eggs business is when they sell to middle men also referred to as bulk buyers who comes to the farm location to buy the eggs in bulk and then resells to the consumers or end users.

Middle men often sell how they feel like to the consumers or end users because one thing is that they are united and have their own associations to regulate them while on the other hand, hardly will you see a well functioning poultry farmers association within a region or locality which makes poultry farmers make decisions on how much they are willing to sell their eggs individually.

In Nigeria for instance, all egg suppliers agree on one price, they stay united and stick to one price as buyers or else no business and as a poultry farmer, you can’t afford to decline selling your poultry eggs as you will need the money to purchase or produce feeds for your poultry chickens to keep them alive and to enable them lay another eggs for you.

Imagine an egg producer (poultry farmer) selling his or her crate of egg at the rate of #700 Naira (Nigerian currency) while the Middle man who comes to the farm to pack those crates of eggs in large quantities returns to the city to resell the same crate of egg he or she bought #750 to consumers at the rate of #1,000 Naira and above thereby making a profit of #250 or above just by selling one crate of egg while the egg producer didn’t even make anything close to that amount when selling his or her eggs at the farm.

Today we want to discuss about the various ways poultry farmers can make extra money and more profits from their eggs than always having to dispose them at a give away price. Below are a few tips how one can add value to his / her eggs as a poultry farmer:

1) Boiled Egg Vending Business

This has now become the fastest snack which one can eat anywhere including the streets because they are easily available and affordable. One single egg goes for between #30 – #50 Naira (Nigerian currency) depending on your location.

Boiled eggs are consumed both day and night, what’s more here is that the business can be combined with other businesses too and if you don’t have the time to do so yourself, all you need do is to get a shop within a good location, hire a younger staff on a salary base who can sell them on your behalf and account to you after sales.

2) Selling Fertile Poultry Eggs for Incubation

The biggest challenge for people doing hatchery business is where to source fertilized poultry eggs from especially for those who lack their own parent stock. You can decide to venture into producing fertile eggs for incubation for hatcheries or individuals who are interested in hatching Day Old Chicks or Hatchery business owners.

You can approach incubator suppliers and try offer this service to their clients. Facebook groups and other social media channels can also give you a good market for your fertilized or table eggs at a good profit.

3) Supplying your Eggs to your Customers (Consumers) directly

4 Ways to add Value to your Poultry Eggs for more Profit
Crates of poultry eggs

You can decide to play the role of both a poultry farmer and the middle men as well by supplying your farm eggs directly to your end users / consumers. For instance, you can supply your eggs to places like health institutions, schools, events, bakeries, open markets, hotels, kiosks and many more locations.

Meanwhile, if it seems very stressful to do all alone, you can hire capable hands to assist you achieve this result.

4) Packaging and Branding your Egg Products

You can start packing and branding your eggs using a nice package material that appears very attractive and nice then sell them through places like Shopping malls, Mini-marts, Super markets, Hotels, Home deliveries and many more one stop shopping or visiting places out there.

The easiest way for your products to gain acceptance and be easily recognizable from the rest in a hyper market is if you brand and package them properly.

Don’t also forget that proper branding and packaging also attracts foreign markets therefore design and package your chicken eggs they way you would like them to be recognized and appear even at international level.

There are plastic poultry egg cases and trays being sold by plastic manufactures out there so you can get the beautiful size and style that will suit your need and don’t also forget to label your products too so that people can associate the poultry eggs buy with your company along with your contact details to attract direct orders from unknown consumers or potential customers.

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