Agribusiness: More Ways to Earn a Living from Farming Minus Land

Farming or Agribusiness as popularly called is a very lucrative business especially if you get it right and follow all the required essential guidelines that will enable you achieve success.

Today, we are going to look at Agribusiness: more ways to earn a living from farming minus land as well as the 7 solid facts about farmers that will become ultimately very rich through farming below:

Agribusiness: More Ways to Earn a Living from Farming Minus Land

1. Know the agricultural market prices of food items from different towns or countries (supply + demand). Know what people want and supply it.

Buy the food items from places where it is sold cheaply and sell it in places where the food items are demanded highly, thus sold more expensively.

2. Solve farmer’s problems. For instance, many farmers cannot tell fake seeds from genuine high production seeds. Provide the best seeds, pesticides and insecticides.

3. Train farmers in 5 skills required to run a successful agricultural business.

The 5 skills that each farmer needs are: group management, savings and financial management, basic business and marketing, technology and innovation, natural resource management for sustainable production.

4. Buy raw produce from farmers and add value to it. For instance buying ripe bananas, oranges, tomatoes; using the solar fruit drying process, packing and selling them off in supermarkets at higher prices than what the ripe fruits cost.

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5. Set up Cereal bank to store food items. Buy food in seasons of plenty, store it in a food store or cereal bank and sell it off the community at a profit in times of scarcity.

Maize, rice, beans, wheat, cassava are often the most demanded for items during dry seasons.

6. Sell genuine agricultural tools and equipment at affordable rates or on hire purchase scheme. Much of the agricultural machinery is very expensive making many farmers unable to afford them.

Selling off genuine tools on a hire purchase scheme to farmers or farmer groups allows more farmers to afford and improve food production.

Agribusiness: More Ways to Earn a Living from Farming Minus Land

7. Offer to help farmers with managing their ICT matters (websites, online presence, SMS, proposals etc).

Do not ask for money upfront but have a contract with them that you take a 50% share for any proceeds from your work.

Many farmers are ignorant on how information communication technologies (ICTs) can improve production and success of their agricultural farms.

They will only be interested and willing to spend money on it if the ICTs start producing results.

8. Connect farmers with with local and markets abroad. Buying at lower prices and exporting the produce abroad in large quantities.

This can be flowers or food items all nicely packed ready to be bought off supermarket shelves.

9. Make a mobile phone App that helps farmers improve production.

For instance, a mobile phone application that warns farmers about when the next rainy or dry season is going to be or any other related weather information that may affect their farm produce.

The app should work with ordinary phones as well smartphones.

10. Provide a truck to transport farmers products from their villages to the towns and share the profits. Most rural farmers sell their produce so cheaply because they have no means to transport it off to towns where they would get paid much more than what the community where they live offers.

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Agribusiness: 7 Solid Facts About Farmers That Will Become Ultimately Very Rich

1. The farmers who will ultimately become very rich are first and foremost very passionate about farming and are willing to suffer for it.

Many farmers packed up because they are only interested in making money fast with very little or no passion for farming.

2. The Farmers who will ultimately become very rich are very business minded. From my interactions and experience, I have seen that not all farmers are business minded.

3. The farmers who will ultimately become very rich see money or the profits they make as a tool for more and more investments. The farmers who sees money or profits as a way to buy stuff or toys will never be rich.

4. The farmers who will ultimately become very rich see risks as something they can’t afford not to take. Poor farmers are always afraid to take calculated risks. They love playing it safe always.

5. The farmers who will ultimately become very rich always see marketing as an investment that is a must on constant basis. Poor farmers always see marketing as a cost. They only want marketing resources when it is free.

6. The farmers who will ultimately become very rich are always thinking big, positive and prosperity even when they are still very small. A big farmer who is very small minded and negative will ultimately become poor.

7. The farmers who will ultimately become very rich are willing to spend their last penny to upgrade their knowledge.

Poor farmers only want information when it is free though they won’t give away their farm products free. Funny. Isn’t it?

You Will Succeed!

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