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Basic Advantages of Snail Farming

When trying to invest into snail farming also referred to as snail rearing as a business, some people easily get discouraged maybe because of the fact that they don’t see the need to actually go into it as a business without knowing that snail farming is actually a very lucrative business.

Today, we are going to be discussing about those basic advantages of snail farming as related to environment, inputs and the meat consumption values below:


Snails are environment-friendly, because, unlike poultry or pigs, neither the snail nor its droppings smell offensively. Snails can also be reared in the backyard.


Capital, technical, labor and financial inputs in simple snail farming are relatively low compared to those in other types of livestock farming (poultry, pigs, goats, sheep, cattle).

Snail meat

Snail meat is a good source of protein. It is rich in iron and calcium, but low in fat and cholesterol compared to other protein sources like poultry and pigs.

In Summary:

(A) Benefits of Snail Farming

The summary of the benefits of snail farming include;

  • Snails are Highly Reproductive
  • They have the benefit of being environmentally friendly
  • Snail Meat is rich in protein and is delicious
  • Snail Farming Business has High Market Potential
  • Cost of Starting a Snail Farming Business in Very Low
  • The Risks of Losing Snails are Minimal
  • Snail Farming Provides Employment for Many People
  • The by-products of snails have many uses
  • Snail Farming is a Source of Foreign Exchange
  • Snail Farming is Less Time Consuming

(2) Limitations of Snail Farming

Some of the limitations of snail farming are;

  • Snails Have Slow Growth Rate
  • Some Cultures Limit Snail Farming
  • Snails are Pests in the Wild
  • Climate affects snail production

Now let us discuss about the nutritional importance of snail meat as well as the reasons you should start eating snail meats from today below:

8 Reasons You Should Start Eating Snail Meat

According to research, here are 8 reasons why you should consider eating snail meats from today.

Eating snail meat whether it be in freshly cooked or grilled form has been enjoyed from the earliest  to modern times, not only for its unique taste but also the immense nutritional values and health benefits it possesses.

Below are the benefits of snail meat consumption:

(1) Snail Meat Contains the Ideal Form of Protein

If your body goals include growing and maintaining a perfect body structure, with an improved immune system, then you need the ideal form of protein, which makes up to 12-15% of the snail meat.

Unlike other sources of animal protein, that comes along with a high content of fat and calories, which when consumed consistently over time, increases the level of cholesterol in the body, leading to some health complications like stroke and heart diseases, the snail meat contains close to zero fat making it one of the healthiest sources of protein.

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(2) Low Level of Cholesterol

The snail meat is recommended for people passionate about watching their weight while eating healthy, and also for people managing health complications like high blood pressure and diabetes because it has relatively a low level of cholesterol.

(3) A Rich Source of Vitamins

Not only is the snail meat rich in protein, but it is also one of the richest sources of vitamins A, E, K, and B12. The world is going almost completely digital, and there are increasing reasons to be more exposed to screen activities on laptops and phones, it’s only healthy you take care of your eyes, by feeding on a diet such as a lump of snail meat, rich in vitamin A, responsible for improving vision.

The other vitamins present in the snail meat function to improve your body’s immune system against infection and diseases, give you smooth and healthy skin, and help in the circulation of more oxygen to your body tissues and organs.

(4) Contains Tryptophan and Selenium

You may not be familiar with Tryptophan but trust me it plays a vital role in your body’s regulation of sleep, impulse, appetite, and even an improved mood, or Selenium that has anti-cancer properties, boosting the body’s immune system to fight against cancerous cells.

But these are more reasons you should eat snail meat because as much as your body needs them to function, it cannot produce them (Selenium and Tryptophan), you only get them from foods such as the snail meat.

(5) Improves Blood Count

You definitely should include the snail meat in your next meal as it has a high Iron content, a major component of the red blood cell your body needs. The deficiency of iron causes anaemia and extreme fatigue, so if you get stressed out quite easily then perhaps, you should be eating more snail meat.

(6) Supplements of Calcium and Magnesium

You should also add the snail meat to your diet because it is rich in Calcium that functions in the body to build you stronger and healthier bones.

Also, the snail meat contains a substantial amount of Magnesium recommended by both the Department of Health and Human Services of the United States, for different age categories that the body needs to maintain normal blood pressure and keep regular heartbeat.

(7) Effective against certain forms of Cancer and Cough

Recent studies have shown that anti-bacterial substances white rock sea snails secrete onto their eggs to protect them from the bacteria-rich marine environment contain a compound called 6-Br, which has been known to reduce certain forms of prostate tumours without any form of toxicity to the human body.

It is well known amongst certain tribes in West Africa of the medicinal value of edible snails in the treatment of whooping cough.

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(8) A Healthy Source of Omega-3

Omega-3 is another nutrient your body benefits when you eat snail meats, and it helps to not only protect you from a heart attack but it is also very good for the brain.

The snail meat contains essential and vital nutrients for healthy skin and body, hence, you must get your snail meat, be it the freshly processed or the grilled snail meat from a snail farm you trust, as what the live snails are fed with before they are fully grown and processed, plays a vital role in determining the taste and the nutritional value of the snail meat.

We understand that you might have some questions, one of which might be “Now that I have been exposed to why I should eat snail meats, how then do I get fresh snail meat near me? “ It’s quite easy actually, simply reach us today and have freshly processed snail meats delivered to you, anywhere you might be within and outside Nigeria.

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