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Fan Milk augments efforts to improve dairy farming in Nigeria, with inaugural training for dairy farmers at new dairy training institute

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LAGOS, NIGERIA (May, 2022) – Fan Milk Plc (Nigeria), a Danone Company, makers of well-loved frozen dairy and ice cream brands including SuperYogo, FanVanille, FanIce and GoSlo, today conducted its inaugural dairy training for local dairy farmers in Odeda Dairy Training Institute in Ogun State. Fan Milk Plc is part of the Danone group, a world leading food company (#1 globally in fresh dairy products).

Fan Milk augments efforts to improve dairy farming in Nigeria, with inaugural training for dairy farmers at new dairy training institute
L-R: Godwin Allen, Operations Director, Fan Milk Plc and Danone Dairy Farm; Ferdinand Muoko, Managing Director, Fan Milk Plc, Danone West Africa; Titus Owoeye, Finance Director, Fan Milk Plc; and Olakunle Olusanya, General Secretary, Fan Milk Plc at the Fan Milk and Danone Inaugural Dairy Training for Dairy Farmers in Ogun State.

The inaugural dairy training was conducted to benefit dairy farmers in Ogun State, in line with Fan Milk’s efforts to build farmers’ capacity and reiterate its commitment to fostering collaboration across the agricultural value chain, for a sustainable dairy farming ecosystem.   

The inaugural dairy training session focused on educating participating farmers on milk collection, sustainable dairy farming practices, dairy production, and opportunities for the local farmer to enhance their livelihood.

In his opening remarks, Managing Director of Fan Milk Nigeria, Ferdinand Mouko, recognised the support from the Ogun State government, through the Ministry of Agriculture, as w ell as internal partners from France, local partners and staff of Fan Milk, for ensuring the adoption of more sustainable dairy farming practices. While reiterating the company’s dedication to growing with Nigeria, and strengthening farmers’ capabilities, he said, “We are really proud of the work being done. I am only here to affirm that this partnership with the Ogun State Government is long-term. We know that investment in agriculture and farming cannot be short-term; that’s why we are taking a methodical approach to this. We have made a huge and bold decision that we are going to rely on the local production of milk for the manufacturing of our products – FanIce, SuperYogo, FanVanille, GoSlo, FanChoco, which are all made from milk. To make this happen, we need you. We need you across the whole value chain from the farming of grass up to the collection of milk. We need each of you to make this dream a reality.”

The Deputy Director of Livestock Department, Ministry of Agriculture, Ogun State, Mr. Olumide Omoniyi, representing the Honourable Commissioner of Agriculture conveyed his goodwill and emphasised the importance of the Fan Milk Dairy Training Institute, which he described as a great opportunity for the local farmers.  “This training is a welcome development. With this training, we are confident that the agricultural value chain will greatly benefit our farmers and unemployment will be a thing of the past as special skills will finally be use. Fan Milk intends to offtake pastures and milk from farmers, empowering the farmers, especially those who seek to specialise in these areas of farming. Our farmers don’t need to live afraid that products will waste due to lack of storage. Milk production and collection, as well as cattle rearing, will become more profitable for farmers.”

Also making his remarks was the General Secretary, Olakunle Olusanya: “This is part of our commitment to the Federal Government of Nigeria through the Central Bank of Nigeria intervention in the National Livestock transformation programme by boosting capacity building through trainings, technical exposure and support to local dairy farmers, and we are elated that this training will make a significant impact on the local dairy farmers looking at the large turnout of farmers at the event. We have fulfilled two of our commitments which are setting up a model dairy farm and ensuring dairy training of local dairy farmers.”

Fan Milk augments efforts to improve dairy farming in Nigeria, with inaugural training for dairy farmers at new dairy training institute
Cross-section of Fan Milk Plc Nigeria’s Senior Management Team, Ogun State Ministry of Agriculture Representatives, Fan Milk Plc and Danone Technical Partners, and Ogun State Dairy Farmers Representatives at the Inaugural Dairy Training for Dairy Farmers in Ogun State.

The training will be delivered in partnership with the Ogun State government and the Odeda Farm Institute, as well as other technical partners, like French company, Feed Avenue. The company will deliver training on nutrition and feed for cattle. The CEO, Feed Avenue, Xavier Dequippe, cautioned the farmers to take four (4) major elements seriously in ensuring sustainable farming practices: right breed of cattle, good nutrition, good hygiene  and conducive environment .

Farmers were inducted into the Training Institute to ensure continuous learning,  improvement in knowledge and adoption of best-in-class dairy practices, for the sustenance of the dairy industry.

For decades, local dairy production has been a challenge in Nigeria, which spends between $1.2 billion and $1.5 billion annually importing milk and dairy products according to the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN). Fan Milk has identified lack of innovation and crippling dairy production capacity as key issues to be addressed and aims to contribute to solving these challenges, growing with Nigeria and its people while contributing to socio-economic development. This inaugural dairy training is proof of Fan Milk’s commitment to improving capacity building that will propel a sustainable dairy sector and ecosystem in Nigeria.

About Fan Milk Plc

Fan Milk Plc was established in 1961 selling healthy and nutritious dairy products.  It is now part of the Danone group, a world leading food company.  Since this investment from Danone there have been some phenomenal changes in the operations and business performance of Fan Milk.  The business management has been re-ordered and synergised to include Danone’s Early Life Nutrition (ELN) business, responsible for the distribution of Danone’s infant milk formula in Nigeria.

Fan Milk Plc operates its head office and production facility in Ibadan, Oyo State, Nigeria.  Fan Milk currently employs over 800 people, with a unique ecosystem that contributes to economic empowerment – currently engaging over 18,745 vendors and 1,200 agents to distribute its nutritious frozen dairy products to individuals and families across the country. Further to this, the introduction of Danone’s Early Life Nutrition products also broadens the scope of Fan Milk’s impact in Nigeria.


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