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35 Healing Powers and Medicinal Uses of Guava Leaves and Fruits

Guava leaves (Psidium guajava) are tropical fruits with yellowish-green skin originating in Central America. Guava trees are usually brownish in color while their fruits are oval in shape with light green or yellow skin and contain edible seeds.

They are actually full of many different health benefits that people are not fully aware of which is why I recommend that you should start considering how to eat guava.

First, they contain high levels of Vitamins A and C, Potassium, Healthy fiber and Lycopene. What’s more, guava leaves are used as an herbal tea and the leaf extract as a supplement.

There are trees that are closely related to the common guava like the strawberry guava tree.

Guava fruits are of different colors like the pink guava tree, white guava tree, and others (see image below).

35 Healing Powers and Medicinal Uses of Guava Leaves and Fruits

They are also a traditional remedy for a variety of ailments.  The fruit is commonly eaten fresh or made into beverages, jams, and other foods.

Various parts of the plant, including the leaf and the fruit, are used as medicine.

Apart from these, guava fruits can also be used in making guava juice, guava cake strain, guava paste, and many more.

Guava leaves benefits are plenty and now we’re going to talk about guava’s nutritional value and health benefits to mankind.

Below are the benefits of guava leaves and fruits.

35 Healing Powers and Medicinal Uses of Guava Leaves and Fruits

35 Healing Powers and Medicinal Uses of Guava Leaves and Fruits

Aside from those nutritional benefits of guava leaves mentioned above, some of the other amazing health benefits and medicinal uses that guava leaves offer include:

(1) Brain Health

The vitamins B6 (pyridoxine) and B3 (niacin) in guava leaves helps in improving blood circulation to the brain, stimulating cognitive function and relaxing the nerves.

(2) Boost Immunity

Guava leaves’ tea helps in boosting the immune systems and reduce the risk of many diseases.

(3) Pain Reducer

The quercetin content of guava leaf makes it effective in reducing pain and eliminating infections.

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(4) Menstrual Problems

Guava leaves tea is good for cloth menses, painful menstruation and insufficient menstrual flow.

(5) Keeps Skin Younger

The regular intake of guava tea rejuvenate and keeps skin younger and firm due to its strong antioxidant effect against free radicals that are the main cause of ageing.

Crush a few leaves, add little water and use as a body scrub regularly and you will be shocked with the amazing results.

(6) Eye sight

Guava leaf improves eyesight due to its high content in vitamin A.

(7) Improves Quality Sleep

Guava leaves tea calms the nerves and quietens the mind, making it easier to fall asleep.

(8) Fights Allergy

The leaves contain quercetin which is an antihistamine and anti-inflammatory which inhibits the development of allergies such as food allergy, skin reactions and asthma.

(9) High cholesterol

Guava leaf tea works against bad fats in the system. It reduces LDC and Triglycerides without side effects.

(10) Bronchitis, Coughs / Colds

Guava leaf tea will help you against bronchitis and coughs because of its high content of vitamin C and Iron (Fe). It gets rid of mucus. Better when taken with pure honey.

(11) Body Itching caused by Allergy

For itching caused by allergies, apply crushed guava leaves onto the affected areas.

(12) Insect bites

Apply crushed guava leaves on the affected areas.

(13) Hair treatment

The leaves can really help against hair loss. Crushing the leaves and rubbing on the scalp regularly or gently massage your scalp with concentrated tea from boiled leaves will prevent hair loss and promote hair growth.

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(14) Typhoid and Malaria fever

Guava leaves tea is very helpful in the treatment of Typhoid and Malaria fevers.

(15) Weight loss

The leaves contain quercetin which inhibits the formation of fat cells and Catechin which has fats burning effects in the body.

Guava leaf tea stops carbohydrates from turning into sugar and thus suppresses appetite. This will in turn help you to reduce weight.

(16) Stomach upset and constipation

Guava leaf tea is exceptionally good for most abdominal infections because of it’s antibacterial properties.

(17) Stomach ulcer

Guava leaf contains Methanol extract that’s composed by volatile oil, flavonoid and saponin which works against stomach ulcers, and also promote healing effect.

(18) Food poisoning

The leaves also provides a great help. Chew fresh young leaves or take teas of the leaves

(19) Diarrhea and Dysentery

Chew a few (about three) younger leaves. Teas from the leaves are also very effective thanks to its the strong antimicrobial properties.

(20) Liver Health

The leaves have a hepatoprotective activity which cure liver injuries induced by toxic drugs like paracetamol, alcohol, etc. It also protects the liver against some damaging enzymes like Bilirubin, Alkaline phosphatase, Aspartate aminotransferase, etc.

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(21) Prostate Cancer / Enlargement, Breast and Oral Cancers

Guava leaves high lycopene content is vital in fighting cancers such as breasts, prostate and oral.

(22) Gastric (Stomach) Cancers

The high content of lycopene, quercetin and vitamin C in guava leaves makes it potent in the treatment of gastric (or stomach) cancers.

(23) Metabolism

Guava leaf tea regulates metabolism due to its rich copper content.

(24) Heart Diseases

Reduces the risk of heart diseases and strokes because of its high anti-inflammatory, high fibre and antioxidant properties…

(25) Sperm production

35 Healing Powers and Medicinal Uses of Guava Leaves and Fruits

Guava leaves will boost sperm production thereby increasing fertility. Hence, it’s highly recommended for men battling with fertility problems.

(26) Libido (Sexual desire)

Guava leaves tea will boost libido in both sexes. Work better when honey is added (in non diabetics).

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(27) Acne / Pimples

Guava leaf is high in vitamin C, which helps to heal acne / pimples. It contains the antibacterial which works against the bacteria P. Acne which causes acne. Its anti-inflammatory components reduces redness and inflammation of the skin.

(28) Minor cuts like scrapes or abrasion

Apply crushed guava leaves juice to prevent infections.

(29) Ear infections

Apply cold guava leaves tea

(30) Dengue Fever

Guava leaves work against Dengue. They increase the thrombocytes and platelets in the serum.

Boil some few guava leaves (about 5 to 6 or a tablespoonful of powder from dried leaves) in little water until the amount you have in your pot reduces by half. Take as tea thrice a day. Repeat daily until you feel better or relief.

(31) Cholera

Guava leaves extract has a strong antibacterial effect against Vibrio cholerae .

(32) Diabetes

Guava leaf tea is great for diabetics. The high fibre content slows down the absorption of sugar in the blood.

It prevents Type 2 diabetes from developing. The Catechin in guava leaves controls the blood glucose level – It has a hypoglycemic effect in the body.

(33) Toothache

To relieve toothache, chew guava leaves or apply leaves past on affected tooth/teeth.

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(34) Inflamed Gums and Mouth Sores

For inflamed gums and sores in the oral cavity, chew guava leaves and also take hot guava leaves tea with pure honey.

(35) Blackheads

Crush several leaves of guava and stir in a little bit of water and applied on skin to remove blackheads naturally. Use this instead of your regular face cleaners that have toxic chemicals.


7 to 10 younger fresh leaves (or 5 to 6 older ones) should be boiled with 1 liter of water in a closed pot over a gentle flame
1 tablespoonful of the powder of dried leaves boiled in 1 Liter of Water in same way.

Adults should take one glass thrice a day.
Children from six months and above should be given in smaller doses depending on age.

Pregnant and Breastfeeding Mothers

Guava leaves are good for all including pregnant and breastfeeding mothers. But for pregnant mothers, the doses should be reduced by half, that is, about 4 to 5 younger and fresh leaves prepared with a liter of water.

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Side Effects

(1) It may give headache when taken in very high doses.

(2) It may cause excessive menstrual bleeding in some women.

Now wondering where to buy guava leaves? You can visit any farm center or farmer near your location to enquire from them.


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