Inbreeding and it’s Effect in Pig Farming

Inbreeding and it's Effect in Pig Farming

Farmers today let’s share about inbreeding, one of the commonest vices in pig farming.

Meaning of Inbreeding: This is the mating animals of the same breed that are closely related.

This usually happens to farmers when starting up farms , they have tendencies of buying pigs in pairs not putting it in mind if this pair could be closely related.

The other farmers tend to chose good looking males from a given given furrow and push it to becoming the king of the farm and this bore ends up mating the mother and its sisters.

Inbreeding and it's Effect in Pig Farming


.There is high concentration of common gens for both desirable and undesirable traits i.e: hernia and cryptorchidism .
.There is decrease in litter size
.Increase in mortality
.Low immunity in pigs
.Weak and slow growing pigs
.Low libido for inbreeding sows and bores
. Few eggs during oestrus for gilts hence furrowing small litter

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