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Required Preparation for the Arrival of Poultry Chicks

The poultry farmer must take all necessary steps before he takes delivery of the day-old chicks. This will lessen stress on the chicks and increase their survival rate during brooding periods. It is advisable to start the preparations for brooding chicks about three weeks before their arrival.

Required Preparation for the Arrival of Poultry Chicks
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The following activities should be carried out:

1. Remove old litter from the house if already in use, remove cobwebs and dust on the wood frames, sweep the house and then thoroughly wash and disinfect the house using a suitable disinfectant like izal, Dettol, etc.

2. Repair the house if necessary- mend leaking roofs, plaster cracks on the wall and crevices on the floor, and repair doors.

3. Feeders and drinkers should be thoroughly washed and disinfected.

4. The house should then be sealed up and fumigated if possible, especially in buildings that are not open-sided.

5. If tier brooders, battery brooders, or any other type of brooder is to be used, they should be brushed clean and then washed very clean of droppings.

6. The needed equipment should be purchased and tested to be functional.

7. The house should be left empty for not less than two weeks to destroy any surviving disease organizations through starvation.

8. Two days before the arrival of the chicks, the house should be swept and the equipment cleaned.

9. Spread litter material up to a depth of 5cm on the floor and test run again the heating system for its efficacy in heating up the brooder.

10. If a half open-sided house will be used, the open sides should be covered with plastic sheets, mats, empty feed bags, or any other suitable material.

11. A few hours before the arrival of chicks, put on the heater, fill the drinkers with clean cool water, put feed in the trough not more than a depth of one half, and also sprinkle some on flat feeders which are adequate for the first week.

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