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Sourcing, Selection and Stocking of Snails

If you are looking for a business that you can start with very little capital and would have you raking in millions within a short time, then you should really start looking into snail farming .

In the past, the only way to get snails was to go into the bush and gardens to hunt them after a rainfall or at night.  This was because most people did not know that snails could be reared domestically just like poultry and animals like chickens and goat.

Snail farming is a very interesting business not just because it’s a highly profitable business, but because it is easy and fun.

Below are the recommended different sources of sourcing for the foundations of your snail stock, the selection processes and the recommended stocking density of snails for optimum performance.

Sources of the foundation of your snail stock:

  • Snail farmers
  • Research Institutes.
  • M a r k e t s
  • Hawkers
  • Direct from the bush


  • The age of the snail could be determined.
  • The performance of the snails are known.
  • The snails are already used to the system of rearing (Intensive system)
  • The snail  are  well adapted to the environment.


  • The price may be higher than that of snails purchased from
  • hawkers or obtained directly from the bush.

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Sourcing, Selection and Stocking of Snails

Research Institutes

  • Snails like the Giant African land snail to be used as foundation stock could also be purchased from Research Institutes like  –
  • Institute of Agric. Research and Training, Moor Plantation. (I.A.R.&.T.), Ibadan.
  • The experts will also give necessary advice.


  • Snails like giant snail could also be purchased from the markets.  The buyer must be very careful when purchasing from the market because of the adaptability and future performance of the snailery. The market women do not take care of the snails in the market.
  • The hawkers along the highway used to create hole in the shell and allow the rope to pass through the hole, this process has adverse effect on the future performance of the snail if bought from the hawkers.
  • Direct from  the  bush:  The price of other snails if bought from the person that collected them from bush directly is cheaper because no expenses is incurred by the gatherers.

Selection of Foundation Stock of Snail

  • The snails like the giant African snail for instance must be healthy and active.
  • The fleshy part should completely fill the shell.
  • Snails of the same specie must be selected.
  • The snails must be relatively of the same size.
  • Snail with no shell damage is recommended.
  • Consult experts or those that have been rearing snails in your locality especially for the choice of breed and necessary advice.

Recommended Stocking Density of Snail /M2

  •  40 to 50 hatchlings
  •   35 growing snails
  • 10-15 adult snails

Protein Rich Feeds

Protein are obtained from animal or plant source. It is required for growth, maintenance of body parts and egg production, e. t. c.

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