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The 15 Health Benefits of Sour-sop Including its Power to Cure Diabetics

Sour-sop (Graviola) is a fruit of Annona muricata, a broadleaf evergreen tree, native to Mexico, Central and South America. 
It is an edible fruit, with so many healing powers. The health benefits of soursop juice are numerous because all the parts have medicinal value.

Health Benefits of Sour-sop

1. Cancer treatment

One of the health benefits of soursop leaves is seen in its ability to prevent cancer and tumours. This is due to the presence of antioxidant substances like acetogenins, alkaloids and quinolones in them. Some research has also been done to get the exact detail of soursop medicinal value.

The study further revealed that the presence of acetogenins in soursop makes it an alternative for cancer treatment. It also stated that soursop is antimicrobial in nature hence an excellent option for treating breast, lungs, prostate and pancreatic cancer.

2. Treatment of Insomnia

The health benefits of soursop juice are seen in its ability to relieve one from stress. It has some anti-inflammatory and relieving power, which makes it an excellent suit for managing anxiety, stress and insomnia or difficulty to sleep.

3. It Control Parasites in the Gut

The antiparasitic nature of soursop has made it a well-known treatment for parasitic infections in most parts of Southern America where parasitic infections are prone. By drinking a tea from the leaves of the tree, you can purify your gastrointestinal system.

4. The Anti-inflammatory power 

The anti-inflammatory property of soursop makes it an excellent suit for managing arthritis. Apply the extracts from soursop on the affected area to easily stop the pain and also hasten the healing process.

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5. It Clears Respiratory Problems

The soursop medicinal value helps to clear the airways and relieve congestion in the body. It also helps to clear mucus and phlegm where pathogens may live in the body hence, speeding up the healing process

6. Promote a Healthy Skin

Crushed seeds of soursop have anti ageing power when mixed with your cream. Apply the creams on your skin to prevent premature ageing and other microbial infections.

7. It Boosts the Immune System

The presence of abundant vitamin C  in soursop fruits helps to stimulate the production of white blood cells which helps to protect the body.

Frequent consumption of soursop juice can help improve the overall health of an individual.

The presence of antioxidant substances in it further helps to neutralize free radical substances and its effects.

The 15 Health Benefits of Sour-sop including its power to cure Diabetics

8. Pain Reliever

According to reports, one of the health benefits of soursop leaves is its ability to relieve pain.

Soursop has an analgesic property which helps to relieve pain.

Extract the water in the leaves either by quizzing, chewing or any other means and apply the liquid to the affected area at least once in a day until you become better.

9. Enhances Gastrointestinal Health

The soursop medicinal value has been known for decades. Being rich in vitamin C, it has been in use as a natural drug to cure dysentery and scurvy.

The soursop juice is also a good diuretic substance which can detoxify the gastrointestinal tract and expel all the toxins and salts from the body.

The presence of anti-inflammatory substances in soursop helps to purify the gut.

10. For Diabetes Prevention

The health benefits of soursop leaves for diabetic prevention is of great importance.

Some researchers have confirmed that the leaves of soursop can stabilize the blood glucose level in our body at the normal range, between 70 mg up to 120 mg.

Soursop medicinal value is known almost everywhere in the world mostly for its activeness against any sickness that can cause diabetes.

Examples of such disease are high blood sugar levels and obesity.

11. It Prevents and Cures Diseases Caused by Uric Acid

Soursop being natural drugs that fight many ailments, can protect you from any sickness related to uric acid, for example, gout.

It can also cure the gout infection if you have contracted it.

Boil the leaves with water and take it in the morning and evening until you regain your self.

12. Remedy for Boils

A boil is a growth that can occur on any part of the body.

In some cases, they transform into infections if not treated properly and damage your skin or face.

Hence, the soursop medicinal value of the leave comes in.

In order to get the best result, you get the fresh sour-sop leaves of the plant, squizz it and rub at the affected area until it clears.

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13. The Health Benefits of sour-sop leaves in Treating Eczema

One of the health benefits of Sour-sop leaves is its natural remedy for most diseases and it can also cure eczema.

This can be achieved by rubbing the extracts from the leaves on the affected area.

14. Treatment of Rheumatism

Rheumatism is bacterial infections that affect the joints and waist of mostly adult people.

The health benefits of sour-sop leaves can never be exhausted as it helps to cure the pains caused by arthritis.

Crush some leaves of sour-sop until they become tiny, apply it on the affected area or you soak it in water and drink the liquids till you get better.

15. Sour-sop Useful in Treating Hemorrhoids

A haemorrhoid is a disease that affects the rectum causing the rectum to be bleeding.

Sour-sop leaves being antimicrobial, offer protection to your rectum and also halt the rectum from bleeding.

It also strengthens the muscles around the rectum and makes them more fit to control haemorrhoid.

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This is where we will be wrapping up our today’s discussion on the amazing health benefits of sour-sop.

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