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Different Systems of Snail Production

Let us discuss about the different systems of snail production in snail business as well as the advantages and disadvantages attached to them. The different systems of snail production which include: extensive system, semi-intensive system and intensive system of snail farming.

As a prospective snail farmer, one of the first and major things to consider before venturing into snail farming in any part of the world is your snailery.

Therefore, In constructing your snailery otherwise known as the snail house, certain factors must be considered. For instance, the type and dimensions of your snailery or snaileries will largely depend on the snail breeding system you have decided to engage in, the space (s) available to you and of course the quantity of snails you intend to rear.

Meanwhile, as far as housing is concerned, your snail farm could be intensive, semi-intensive, or extensive.

(1) Extensive System of Snail Production (Outdoor)


  • The condition of the environment closely resembles the natural habit of snails compared to other systems.
  • Low labour and low general management input i.e. inexpensive to maintain
  • The farmer needs not purchase feed because it is already available in the snailery.
  • There is no restriction on the movement of the snails.
  • Examples of intensive system of snail production equipment’s include and not limited to: BASKET, TIERS OF TYRE, USED DRUM, USED TANK, LOW FENCED PEN, HIGH FENCED PEN e.t.c.

Disadvantages of Extensive System of Snail Production

  • Little control over the performance of snails
  • It requires a lot of land compared to others of production.
  • Record keeping is difficult.
  • Poor disease management.
  • The snails are exposed to predators’ attacked (e.g. soldier ants)
  • Mortality rate could be higher than other systems.
  • Semi-Intensive System
  • The system is like the extensive system except that the snails are supplied
  • with feeds besides what is grown in the snailery

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(2) Semi-Intensive System

This system combines both the intensive and extensive system of farming. This system gives them a feeling of their natural habitat where the snail farmer has trees, fruits and vegetables planted in the snails’ farm or pen yet in a controlled environment unlike in the wild where there’s no control.

Moreover, external and snail formulated feeds can still be supplied to them outside the natural snail feed already in the snail housing for them.

Different Systems of Snail Production

(3) Intensive System of Snail Production (Indoor)

In the intensive System, the Snails are only fed with feeds brought to the snailery.


  • It is good for backyard or commercials farming.
  • Record on performance of the snails can be kept.
  • There is proper control over disease and predators
  • The management practices are simple.
  • It can be practiced both in urban and rural area.
  • The growth rate could be influenced by introducing formulated ration.
  • The mortality rate is low.


The snails can be stolen at once because the confinement which is very difficult in extensive system because the snails are scattered.

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