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Reasons why Jute or Saluyot leaves (Ewedu Soup) is good for you

Jute or saluyot leaves (called ewedu among the Yorubas and rama among the Hausas) are used as a food source in many parts of the world. It is a popular vegetable in West Africa and is not just rich in nutrition but also has a lot of health benefits, including protecting us from various diseases. Ewedu leaf is low in calories but high in vitamins and minerals.

The fiber-rich stem of the jute plant has been dismissed as just a source for bags and ropes. The reason for this probably lies in the fact that this food with its tender leaves is so commonly grown in many parts of the world that it had no commercial value as a food product.

The popular ewedu soup (Jute or Saluyot leaves) among the yorubas is prepared with the ewedu leaf, which makes the soup highly nutritious. This greenish slimy soup can be enjoyed in different forms. Gbegiri (local beans soup) can be added to this soup for a better taste. The ewedu  soup is mostly eaten with Amala.

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Nutritional Value and Health benefits of Jute or Saluyot leaves (Ewedu)

The ewedu leaf is an adequate source of fibre, thus making the plant very helpful in dealing with weight management and may also promote intestinal health by helping with bowel movement.

Ewedu leaves contain the antioxidant trio of Vitamins A, C and E which fend off free radicals thereby protecting the body from degenerative diseases. The A, C, E vitamins also happen to be the most beautifying vitamins, increasing collagen production to keep the skin firm and young-looking. This is why most people belief that ewedu was Cleopatra’s beauty secret

This leaf (Ewedu) is clearly rich in micro nutrients, and these micro nutrients aid in reducing the chances of illness in the consumer.

Ewedu leafs are also known to help boost immunity and nourish the body system.

Due to the vitamins and minerals present in ewedu leaves, they have also been said to be used in the home setting in the management of stomach related conditions such as dysentery, constipation and the likes.

They are also used to relief pains and possess some anti tumour properties.

Reasons why Jute or Saluyot leaves (Ewedu Soup) is good for you

The Ewedu leaf is rich in beta-carotone which supports good eyesight.

The antioxidants present in ewedu leaves aid in the protection of the body from chronic diseases and some medical conditions. Ewedu leaves contain almost all of the nutrients needed by humans.

But, the most important benefit of the leaves is their high antioxidant property, primarily in the form of Vitamin E. These antioxidants combine with free radicals that cause problems like arthritis, hardening of arteries, heart and kidney ailments.

It contains a high percentage of calcium, which contributes to strong teeth and bones.

Ewedu (Jute or Saluyot leaves) is rich in fiber, therefore regular intake of the leaves help to control blood pressure, cholesterol build-up, diabetes, lowers the risk of asthma, cancer, and also prevents heart disease.

The leaf has been known to be a remedy for pregnant women experiencing prolonged labour. When a pregnant woman is experiencing prolonged labour, a bunch of ewedu leaves squeezed with the stem can be given to her to drink. It has also been discovered to aid milk secretion in lactating mothers.

It is also used as herbal medicine to control or prevent dysentery, worm infestation and constipation

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