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The 3 Types of Snails: All You Need to Know About Them

In snail farming or snail rearing business, 90% of the Nigerian snails are the Achatina Marginata Specie. Caution must be employed in selecting your choice of snails for breeding stock. There are 3 major type of Snails that are said to be the largest in the world; The Achatina Marginata (AM), The Achatina Achatina (AA), and The Achatina Fullica (AF).

The 3 Types of Snails Description

The Achatina Marginata (AM) is peculiar to Nigeria Alone and is usually d largest among all the snails on earth and can produce up to 40 eggs in a clutch & will produce such clutches 3 to 4 times a year & it takes between 21 to 40 days for the eggs to hatch, The AA is d 2nd largest also in Nigeria and other countries and can lay up to 200 to 500 eggs in a clutch up to 3 to 5 clutches in a year, it also takes 21 to 28 days for d AA eggs and has an exclusively more whorls with longer and pointed ends which is similar with the Achatina Fulica in features.

The Achatina Marginata (AM) breed which are believed to be the largest in the world can be discouraging and unsuitable for a profitable and commercial snail farm business as its only commercial significance is its giant size and nothing more.

The AM is only prized for its large size as it is the largest among all snails in comparison to the AA and AF but low in egg production as it produces between 6 to 40 eggs maximum per clutch while the AF and AA produces between 200 to 500 eggs per clutch.

The AM is slow in growth, more exhaustive and cost more to manage. It takes the AM between 21 to 40 days to hatch and 8 to 9 months before it starts the laying of eggs while the AF and AA takes less time to grow and to lay it eggs between and reaches maturity within 4 to 6 months and lay far more eggs with more comparative economic advantage.

The type of breed employed for snail farming is very important so that your hope of financial freedom is not dashed in the course of a zestful venture encumbered with willful exuberance.

Therefore, make sure you select the right stock for breeding from snail farmers and seek for proper consultation and be vast in your research and very open minded in your resource and information sharing. please let’s not restrain nor hoard information from the reach of aspiring and intending snail farmers.

Snails grow faster when there is darkness, ease of movement and enough feeds, fruits, calcium supplement, root crops and vegetables for them to produce high quality and quantity of eggs. Snail farming can be started with a budget of between 20k and 500k to include its pen set up and the required breeding stock supply.

If a simple small pen is needed, a basket used on a concrete floor or a large tractor tire will do just best on a concrete floor filled with sand as long as proper ventilation measures is ensured.

Snail can die out easily when starved of needed oxygen as they equally breath air during active period and can also die out easily when drowned or submerged in water or when water is retained in its shell at intermittent wetting period. For higher yield and productivity, a free range.

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