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Broiler Starter Mash Feed Formula (For Female Broilers)

Practically everything created by God is made up of two genders (Male and Female), including poultry birds. In poultry farming, when we talk about Layers as the female, we also talk about the Cockerels as their males.

Meanwhile in your broiler poultry farm, there are male and female broilers and they posses some unique characteristics which slightly differentiate them from others (as discussed in our previous topics, you can search the website for more information on this).

Today we are going to discuss about the broiler starter mash feed formula for the female broilers:

You can also watch the video from our Youtube Channel “Agric4Profit Concept” for a detailed explanation of the feed formula for female broilers and also subscribe to our channel for more amazing training videos from Agric4Profit Concept.

Also don’t forget to stock your broiler poultry farm with the right quantity of dayold chicks you can comfortable afford and conveniently feed till maturity by starting from considering the day old broiler price through searching and inquiring from the day old broiler poultry sellers that has broiler chicks for sale the cost of each broiler chick.

Ensure to also purchase all the broiler farm equipment required for proper feeding, growth and general performance of your broiler birds which will in return enable them become big broiler with the right weight to encourage selling at the right price.

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Now without wasting much of our time, let us go into the broiler feed formulation below:

Using a total compounding quantity of one ton (1,000kg) below is the formula for your female broilers:


Formula for Making Broiler Feed

Here is a video of the audio version of broiler starter mash feed formula for the female broilers below:

Maize = 500kg

Soya Bean Meal = 150kg

Full Fat Soya = 76kg

Wheat Offals = 136kg

Soya Oil = 30kg

DCP = 16kg

Limestone = 75kg

Agrar = 4kg

Broiler Premix = 3kg

Toxin Binder = 3kg

Salt = 3kg

Lysine = 2kg

Methionine = 2kg

Chlorine Chloride = 1kg

Total = 1

,001kg (one ton)

Note: There are certain factors that can alter this formula provided above which include but not limited to the following: Weather, Availability of Raw-Materials, Cost of Raw-Materials etc. Therefore, the above provided feed formula is subject to change or adjustment which is why I often strongly recommend that you carry an expert along.

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Also, always ensure to purchase your raw materials from reputable sources to ensure that the raw-materials procured are at their best nutritional state to avoid serving your birds unhealthy or contaminated feeds that will greatly affect your poultry birds.

You can divide or multiply the formula to the quantity of feed you wish to compound for your birds.

For instance: if you want to produce 100kg total feed then all you need to do is divide all the raw materials provided above using 10 with your calculator and if you want to compound 10,000kg of feed instead, all you also need to do is to multiply all the raw materials provided above by 10 using your calculator.

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