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Ideas on Snail Sales and Marketing

Snail farming or Snail farming business (also known as Heliculture) is another lucrative business that is steadily growing as the commodity is in high demand across the country and beyond all thanks to the nutritious value the gastropod carry.

If you are considering using snails marketing and sales as an excuse for not venturing into snail farming, I bet with this ideas you will definitely change your mind because now, Facebook and other social networks has made digital and e-market available to all who have products to sell.

There are many snails market as you can meet people online, just build trust with them, be sincere and show transparency, even when you don’t deliver quickly, they will be relaxed because you have built that trust with them.

If you are packaging and processing your snail and you wish to market online, please always ensure to market only when you are ready because someone might ask you to deliver and you fail, the person can not trust you again even when you then have the product available for delivering.

Snail farming is not a new concept in the agribusiness. Humans consume snail meat mainly because of its nutritional values. Snail is rich in protein and iron, low in fat and cholesterol, contains almost all the amino acid needed for the human body including Omega 3, no wonder this meat is always prescribed by medical experts to patients with failing health conditions.

Success is not all about luck. It is about Focus, Determination, Optimism, Hardwork and changing your mindset therefore make things happen instead of waiting for them to happen. Focus on the journey and not the Destination.

Keep learning, focus on the possible not the impossible and surround yourself with smart and accomplished people to guide you.

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13 Ways you can Market and Sell your Snails to Make Money in Snail Farming Business

Ideas on Snail Sales and Marketing
(1) One can generate great income in snail farming business as a farmer. Snails could be sold at any age depending on the choice of the farmer. One can decide to sell hatchlings, growers, breeders or table sizes
(2) The snail farmer may decide not to breed but rather source for young and middle aged snails from co-farmers and then sell after growing them for a few months for better profits.
(3) You can make money by raising and selling nursery shelter to start-up snail breeders.
Ideas on Snail Sales and Marketing
(4) Many snail traders have the challenge of keeping or warehousing their unsold snails. You can make money by providing that warehousing service.
(5) Consultancy Service: An experienced snail farmer can provide consultancy services on snail pen construction and farm management to generate income.
(6) Run a Small Snail Joint: You can decide to operate a mini boiled peppers snail or fried peppers snail joint and you can be sure to make huge cash.
(7) You can target a high brow areas and supply directly to individuals or groups in the arears. What i mean here is that you can decide to visit the rural areas where the snails can be purchased at cheaper rates and resell them in the Urban areas (cities) where the snail meat demands are higher as well as appear more expensive and make huge profits from the margin on the price.
Ideas on Snail Sales and Marketing
(8) Snail Traders: Snail traders in the local markets usually sell big, medium and small sized snail. You can make cool profit if you buy and stock the big ones and wait for when it’s scarce to resell back to the snail traders.

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You can also buy medium size, grow them to become bigger at your farm and resell to the traders for better profit.
(9) You can sell to Hotels: The Hotels are in huge demand for snails. You can position yourself as a regular supplier. Once they know you always supply at agreed time and period then you are on your way to regular income.
(10) You can also supply to Restaurants: They also patronize suppliers of quality. The more restaurants you supply, the bigger your profit will be.
(11) You can equally target eateries and barbeque operators. They also patronize suppliers of quality snails.
(12) Export: You can source for client abroad and export the snails and make your money in foreign currency
(13) You can also market your snails to cosmetic companies that use snail slime for drug and cosmetics In conclusion, Snail farming is a slow but stable way of making money.

Some Edible Snails and their Origin

Scientific Name Origin

Otala lacteal


Cepaea nemoralis


Helix aspersa

Europe, US, New Zealand, Southern Africa

Cepaea hortensis


Eobania vermiculata


Helix lucorum


Helix aperta

Europe and North Africa

Achatina achatina


Market Opportunities for Snail Farming in Africa

Most of the snails supplied to the African market are gathered from bushes and forests during the rainy season (usually between April and September).

Because snails are very dormant during the dry season, they become increasingly scarce during this period and the market is starved of adequate supply until the next wet season. This makes the supply of snails very seasonal in many parts of Africa where they serve as food.

As a consequence, snails can fetch much higher prices during the dry season (December to March) when supply often does not keep up with demand.

Snails may go on break during the dry seasons but the human appetite for its taste always remains, and continues to grow throughout the year. And to think that several festivities take place during the dry season (Christmas et al), makes this a first choice agribusiness.

Due to steadily growing demand from customers, hotels and restaurants are always in need of snail delicacies on their menus. And given the significant upside to the profits that can be made, it makes a lot of sense to take maximum advantage of this market when the supply of snails is significantly short.

There is also growing demand in Europe for giant African snails. Apart from their great taste, many people abroad like to keep them as pets and keepsakes due to their sheer size (I was surprised too!). But never mind, you are likely to be very busy satisfying the local demand to bother about exports.

In Summary: Snail farming business is a highly lucrative business guaranteed to bring you a huge source of income within a short period of time. Decide which aspect of snail farming is the best for you and start now even if it is with a few snails.

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